6-3-2018 National Lakeshore06-11-2018 Engaged Goodenow Grove06-29-2018 Deep River Old Mill07-03-2018 Miller Beach7-22-2018 Deep River Engagement7-27-2018 Settlers Park Engagement07-29-2018 Pokegon State Park8-12-2018 Lincoln Park Engagements8-26-2018 Tippecanoe State Park9-10-2018 Oak Ridge Prairie9-25-2018 Lemon Lake10-3-2018  Orland Grasslands10-22-2018 Rylee and Joe Engaged11-5-2018 Ogden Gardens Engagement11-10-2018 Dyer Engagements12-15-2018 Public Landing LockportAlicia and Nick Chicago 2018Ashleigh and Tyler Lincoln Park 2018Downtown Frankfort 2018Joliet Area/I&M Canal  Engagements 2017Molly and Jackson IKEA 2018Tish and Nancy Engaged 2018