19-02-28 Stephen and Tiffany19-04-06 Wayside Chapel, Palos Park, IL Dawn and Craig19-04-12 Lighthouse Restaurant, Cedar Lake, IN19-04-13 Great Oaks Hall, Cedar Lake, IN19-04-15 Max at Lake George Hobart IN (Pet Session)19-04-19 Coffee Creek, Chesterton, IN Engagements19-05-04 80th Birthday, Palos Park, IL19-05-05 Lemont Quarries I and M Canal Access Engagements19-05-10 County Line Adoptables Flower Crowns19-05-11 Gaelic Park, Oak Forest, IL Noreen and Donal19-05-20 Lemon Lake, Lowell, IN Dungeons and Dragons Family Session19-05-24 Avalon Manor, Merrillville, IN19-05-25 Lighthouse Lounge Monticello IN Jenny and Kevin19-05-26 Spring Valley Schaumburg, IL Veronica and Greg19-05-31 Hidden Lake Bolingbrook, IL Family Session19-06-02 Beecher Plum Creek Nature Center Family Photos19-06-03 Coffee Creek, Chesterton, IN Engagements19-06-05 Lake of Four Seasons Beach IN Balloon Release19-06-09 Hidden Lake Bolingbrook, IL19-06-28 Brennan19-06-29 Illinois Beach Resort Zion IL19-07-13 Hannah and Robert Belvedere Cahateau Palos Hills, IL19-08-0119-08-02 Lake County Fair Maternity Lifestyle Session19-08-03 Geneva Inn Lake Geneva, IL19-08-08 Aberdeen Valparaiso, IN Alexis and Kyle19-08-10 Patrick Haley Mansion Joliet, IL Rocinda and Antoinne19-08-15 Christina S. engagements Hidden Lake, Bolingbrook, IL19-08-18 April and Brandon  Engagements Crown Point Square19-08-2119-08-23 Ruffled Feathers Jennifer and John Hayes19-08-30 Winnetka Community House, Hayley and Mike19-08-31 Firehouse South Bend Grace and James Lamb19-09-01  Zachary Barn bonus19-09-01 Zacharies Red Barn, Homer Glen, IL Faith and Kyle19-09-06 Kelli and Jake Plum Creek Beecher, IL19-09-07 Briar Ridge Country Club Munster, IN19-09-14 Andrea and Avery Union 12, Columbia City, IN19-09-14-2 Union 12 - 219-09-16 Chemcoaters Headshots19-09-16 Chemcoaters Product19-09-16 Senior Photos - April19-09-18 MadeyaBlush Marketing19-09-20 April and Brandon Ogden Gardens Valpo IN19-09-21 Embers Venue Rensselaer, IN19-09-24 Buckley Homestead Lowell, IN Engagements19-09-26 Laura and Dan Centennial Tinley Park , IL19-09-27 Aberdeen Manor Valparaiso IN19-10-01 Centennial Park Orland, IL Engagements19-10-05 Allison and Mike  - Hobart Ambassador19-10-07 Ashley and Wyat Maternity Buckley Homestead Lowell, IN19-10-09 Buckley Homestead, Engagements19-10-11 Southern Charm Wedding, Frankfort, IL19-10-12 Aquatorium Miller Beach Wedding, Miller Beach, IN19-10-14 Waterfall Glen Engagements, Lemont, IL19-10-19 Lemon Lake, Indiana Wedding19-10-20 Bloomington IL Engagements Randi and Matt19-10-26 Fairbanks Family Oak Ridge Prairie, Griffith IN19-10-27 Childrens Farm Palos Park, IL  1pm19-10-27 Childrens Farm Palos Park, IL 230pm19-10-27 Lake Katherine Family Session19-11-2 Southern Charm Frankfort IL19-11-10 Indiana Dunes Engagements Chesterton IN19-11-13 Surefire Tattoo19-11-16 Alexis and Frank Edwards Hotel Rosemont, IL19-11-24 Graue Mill Oakbrook IL Engagements19-12-07 Tuscany Falls, Mokena, IL19-12-08 Dyer Mini Session 319-12-08 Dyer Mini Session 419-12-08 Dyer Mini Session Courtney L19-12-08 Maternity Session Dyer, In20-01-23 Anderson FamilyMina-May Dog Session Memorial Photos